Easyjet’s Additional Luggage Policy


Currently, I am having a dispute with Easyjet over hand luggage. They would not let me check in even though the bag fitted into the size cage, because it had wheels on. They said hand luggage has to be carried.

On the Easyjet website it shows a cross against the wheeled case, but does not state anywhere it is not allowed.

They refused to refund me my money.

I have flown on many airlines including Easyjet in the past WITH THIS BAG as CARRY ON!

Needless to say I was able to fly with Thomson with it the same day.



And Ryanair is no better with its check in charge, excess baggage and outrageous credit card fees!

"This is company is notorious for adhering mechanically to a 1 bag, 15 Kilo check-in for passengers. They then tell you that you can buy additional baggage if you do so ahead of time on their website. This would cost you only 10€.

You do as instructed, and purchase the 'additional baggage'--but when you arrive at check-in they say (with a sneer), 'Yes, indeed you have an additional bag to check-in, but RyanAir strictly adheres to a 15 Kilo limit per customer. Each additional Kilo will cost 15€ a kilo! So if you had brought an additional packed an additional piece of luggage according to the common sense understanding of 'purchasing additional luggage,' you will owe them 200€ before getting on the plane! When most RyanAir flights cost much less than that sum, you end up paying double or triple what you had bargained for!"

I am still smarting from the £50 taxi fare to get from Glasgow Airport to Prestwick to catch my so called Glasgow flight with Ryanair.

Apparently many other Ryanair airports are a long way from the desired destination, with no easy transport links. The website needs to give more information on this.





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